Simple file manager
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DateCommit messageAuthorFiles+-
2021-11-24 00:24i messed up some bindingsChristos Margiolis2+4-8
2021-11-21 23:56undergoing major cleanup and changesChristos Margiolis4+361-606
2021-05-26 16:03changed mailChristos Margiolis6+158-187
2021-04-30 21:02added a basic signal handler, improved config.hChristos Margiolis5+217-113
2021-04-30 13:13fixed scrolling (I think), removed , fixed minor bugsChristos Margiolis3+117-170
2021-04-20 22:38added panes, scrolling needs fix (again...)Christos Margiolis2+296-228
2021-04-20 15:44fixed some bugs, created othersChristos Margiolis7+807-831
2021-01-19 22:15added a simple getopt(3) and improved die messagesChristos Margiolis1+39-16
2021-01-18 21:45fixed sorting, pending scroll fixChristos Margiolis1+39-17
2021-01-16 19:34added color handling, improved , pending bug fixesChristos Margiolis2+200-94
2020-12-29 01:43fixed LICENSEChristos Margiolis2+15-13
2020-12-20 00:45added unicode supportChristos Margiolis2+7-6
2020-12-18 00:46implementing scrollingChristos Margiolis3+121-105
2020-12-17 13:36removed as it is useless for the base, simplified some functionsChristos Margiolis3+151-145
2020-12-08 22:19pending several changesChristos Margiolis3+91-78
2020-11-23 23:16added better spawn() and run() handlingChristos Margiolis2+113-40
2020-11-22 22:40add basic sortingChristos Margiolis2+83-30
2020-11-22 02:19improvements on builtinrun()Christos Margiolis2+94-30
2020-11-22 00:16added editing and paging bindings, improved speedChristos Margiolis2+146-98
2020-11-20 20:09removed useless functions calls from main()Christos Margiolis1+24-14
2020-11-20 19:01changed back to dirent, added spawn and run functionsChristos Margiolis2+285-134
2020-11-19 17:45removed multipane setup, half is dir and half is (if enabled) file preview, simplified codeChristos Margiolis2+133-138
2020-11-08 13:41now reading dirs with fts, not direntChristos Margiolis3+132-138
2020-10-31 01:48removed some of the hardcoding, added status bar using stat(1)Christos Margiolis3+110-58
2020-10-30 11:48added basic sorting by name, pending child fix, reduces entriesget callsChristos Margiolis4+221-76
2020-10-29 12:46added suckless-style config, simplified code, improved navigation, removed main switchChristos Margiolis3+187-55
2020-10-29 01:49added navigation, and the vim-like gg and GChristos Margiolis1+112-32
2020-10-27 12:10initial commitChristos Margiolis3+182-0