NameDescriptionOwnerLast commit
chip8CHIP-8 emulator Christos Margiolis2022-05-13 01:28
cstringLightweight string library for C Christos Margiolis2022-05-13 01:26
dotfilesUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. Christos Margiolis2023-03-08 00:48
graphcursesCurses 2D graph generator Christos Margiolis2022-03-22 14:46
inlinecallPrint call sites of an inline function Christos Margiolis2023-03-23 00:17
mixerFreeBSD OSS mixer library implementation and a complete rewrite of mixer(8) Christos Margiolis2023-01-16 13:09
mkMakefile templates Christos Margiolis2022-04-26 16:48
nfyMinimal and daemonless notification program for X Christos Margiolis2022-05-18 07:39
omitrbpFind kernel functions that omit the frame pointer Christos Margiolis2023-03-18 18:27
osToy OS Christos Margiolis2022-03-11 22:00
pic_thermPIC16F877A and BME280 thermometer Christos Margiolis2022-05-13 01:27
random:-) Christos Margiolis2023-03-06 14:37
sbrsSimple blog and RSS system Christos Margiolis2022-05-13 01:28
scriptsRandom scripts Christos Margiolis2023-03-08 00:46
uniUniversity stuff Christos Margiolis2023-01-31 12:17