Print call sites of an inline function
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2023-03-23 00:17ignore non-STT_FUNCsChristos Margiolis1+2-0
2023-03-18 18:26use lenChristos Margiolis1+2-2
2023-03-04 01:38remove call to dwarf_next_types_section()Christos Margiolis1+15-18
2023-02-28 17:54fix lowpc/highpc bug from recent commit, embed GElf_Shdr into sectionChristos Margiolis1+15-22
2023-02-28 16:24simplify dwarf codeChristos Margiolis1+4-27
2023-02-25 00:07simplify codeChristos Margiolis1+57-61
2023-02-15 20:50fix addr_pair malloc bugChristos Margiolis1+23-20
2023-02-15 06:40fix misleading names, make addr_pair structChristos Margiolis1+48-52
2023-02-14 22:40print caller funcChristos Margiolis2+141-35
2023-02-13 00:41add more comments and remove unused variablesChristos Margiolis1+22-13
2023-02-12 21:16fixed bugs, packed info into a structChristos Margiolis1+186-121
2023-02-09 22:52make srcfiles globalChristos Margiolis1+12-19
2023-02-07 14:52add licenseChristos Margiolis1+20-0
2023-02-07 14:49initial commitChristos Margiolis4+361-0