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diff --git a/README b/README @@ -3,57 +3,12 @@ sbrs A small and simple blog and RSS shell script written in POSIX shell. -Preparation ------------ -Inside the 'sbrs' script, change the 'WEBSITE' and 'AUTHOR' variables -to match your website's URL and your name. - -In case you don't edit the script further, the structure of your -website's directory should look like this. The files below need -to exist with the same names. - - ├── articles - | └── here reside your articles - ├── index.html - ├── articles.html - ├── template.html - └── rss.xml - -Inside 'index.html', 'articles.html' and 'rss.xml' sbrs will search for -<!--SBRS--> in order to put the article listings and RSS feed below it. - -The 'template.html' file is how you want your article's page to look like. -See my own 'template.html' for more. The 'TITLE', 'HEADER' and 'AUTHOR' -fields must exist and be left as is. +RTFM. Installation ------------ -sbrs will be installed in /usr/local/bin - - cd path/to/sbrs/ - sudo make install - -Usage ------ -You must always run the script inside your website's main directory. -Run it with one of the following options. Only one option can be used -at a time. - -Options: - -n New post - -p Publish draft post - -e Edit draft post - -v View draft post in browser - -t Delete draft post - -r Revise published post - -c Change title - -o View published post in browser - -d Delete published post - -l List all published posts +sbrs will be installed in `/usr/local/bin`: -Notes: ------- -Do NOT edit the various comments that the script writes inside the files, -otherwise it'll not work properly, or work at all. + # make install Report any bugs to <>.